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Publicaciones recientes

Subtleties of catanionic surfactant reverse micelle assemblies revealed by a fluorescent molecular probe oct 16, 2017

Cristian C Villa et al 2017 Methods Appl. Fluoresc. 5 044001

Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by microwave irradiation for lysozyme attachment: comparison of covalent and adsorption methods by kinetics of thermal inactivation oct 10, 2017

Daniel Puentes-Camacho et al 2017 Adv. Nat. Sci: Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 8 045011

Core to shell switching of the conduction channel on SnO 2 nanowire sensors oct 20, 2017

J T Holguín-Momaca et al 2017 Nanotechnology 28 465501

Optical properties of graphene nanocones under electric and magnetic fields oct 19, 2017

P Ulloa et al 2017 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29 455304

Searching for a C -function on the three-dimensional sphere oct 16, 2017

C G Beneventano et al 2017 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 50 455401

Critical and compensation behavior of a mixed spin-5/2 and spin-3/2 Ising antiferromagnetic system in a core/shell nanowire oct 13, 2017

J D Alzate-Cardona et al 2017 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29 445801

Analytic approach to magneto-strain tuning of electronic transport through a graphene nanobubble: perspectives for a strain sensor oct 13, 2017

Enrique Muñoz and Rodrigo Soto-Garrido 2017 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29 445302

Mapping the magnetic field generated by a supercurrent in a ring of YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ oct 20, 2017

P D Sulca and R W Gómez 2017 Eur. J. Phys. 38 065704

Tunable thulium-doped fiber laser based on an abrupt-tapered in-fiber interferometer oct 13, 2017

M V Hernández-Arriaga et al 2017 J. Opt. 19 115704

Self-calibrating generalized phase-shifting interferometry of three steps by fitting modulation light to a polynomial of degree K sep 28, 2017

Cruz Meneses-Fabian 2017 J. Opt. 19 115701